The East Indies Museum invites visitors to help us make the website better and we welcome your participation in any of the following ways:

1) If you have museum-quality antiques for sale, we will be happy to consider purchasing pieces in the following categories:

  • Old textiles (batik, ikat, etc.)
  • Wayang kulit/klitik/beber
  • Javanese/Madurese polychrome folk art (non furniture)

  • 2) If you have museum-quality antique pieces that you do not wish to sell but would like to share with the world,  you are invited to exhibit them in our galleries.  Our requirement is that all submissions be vetted by an appropriate committee of experts who will determine the suitability of each piece to the collection.  If the artwork is accepted, we request that you send us a professional, high resolution photograph of each piece.  Ownership will be attributed to you or, if you prefer, shall be concealed.  In that case, we will simply write "Private Collection".  If there is a change of ownership or, for any reason you would like your artwork taken off the site, simply write to us giving the identity number and we will remove it within 30 days. We will never re-publish your piece(s) elsewhere without prior consent.  Furthermore, each item will be watermarked for security purposes while on the site. 

    3) If you would like to advertise your business on the site, please contact us for further information.

    Thank you.  We appreciate your cooperation and support.

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