A short film about batik by Unesco
The antique batik section is currently the most specialized gallery of The East Indies Museum. Most of the batiks were made in Java although there are a number of examples from Sumatra, particularly Bengkulu and Jambi.  The Javanese batiks range from classical pieces from the royal courts of Jogjakarta and Solo, to Chinese- and Dutch-style 'Pasisir' pieces from the north coast of Java and the batik-producing areas of east and west Java. Some of the most exceptional and artistic examples are from the frequently neglected areas of Banyumas and Madura.  The issue of whether batik originated in Indonesia, India or China is controversial in some circles.   However, it's indisputable that the finest, most outstanding batiks ever created were made in Indonesia and in 2009, UNESCO recognized that achievement by designating batik as an intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia.  

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